Family Medicine. My Past and My Future.

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Guest post courtesy of family physician to be, Brian Moore

My earliest memory of medicine is my family doctor making a house call at 10:00 PM on a Sunday night to treat my ear infection. I remember waking up with intense pain, but knowing that everything would be okay after the doctor arrived (and after the brief discomfort of the otoscopic exam). Only years later did I realize what a rarity house calls were, and appreciate my family doctor’s amazing dedication to patient care. Having now performed such exams on many children, I also realize that not every child has such insight.

 As I grew older, my family doctor was always available both as a physician and a friend, answering all my questions and making me feel as if I were his only patient. My inquiries eventually turned from my symptoms to the medical field itself. He told me that each day brought new challenges and opportunities for learning. With each passing year, my desire to pursue a career in medicine intensified.

As a result, when I first came to medical school at the University of North Carolina, I was already strongly considering a career in family medicine. This commitment grew as I became a part of the school’s Family Medicine Interest Group, had the opportunity to attend the NC Academy of Family Physician’s (NCAFP) Annual meeting, and later discovered the Family Medicine Interest & Scholars Program supported by the BCBSNC Foundation and the NCAFP Foundation.

This program has truly been a blessing. It has allowed me to become deeply involved in family medicine through clinical work with my master preceptor and attendance at national and statewide convenings. The time which I spent with my master preceptor, observing her and practicing diagnostic reasoning and physical exams, has helped me to become a better medical student and will make me a better physician in the future. As a result of this program, I have also attended the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students, the AAFP Scientific Assembly and Congress of Delegates, and additional NCAFP Annual Meetings. With each of these opportunities, I have learned from expert clinicians, and connected with other students enthusiastic about family medicine, including my now-fiancée.

Family medicine is my passion, with its breadth, commitment to patients, and necessity for constant learning. I am proud to follow the footsteps of my family doctor into this field. And, hopefully I too will inspire my patients to pursue careers in the field of family medicine.

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