"You have to put the focus on the patient, which means you empower the patient."

Carol Lamb has traveled full circle with the Charlotte Community Health Clinic, one of 79 member clinics of the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics (NCAFC) – all with the mission of providing health care to the uninsured. When she first came to the clinic, Lamb was unemployed, uninsured and sick. She found care and support on her journey back to health.

Along the way, Lamb also found work. Now that she is healthier, employed and insured, she is also proud to pay it forward as a volunteer at the Charlotte clinic, where she helps others in their time of need. “It’s a scary thing when you’re not working, don’t have insurance and don’t feel well,” she recalls. “I was able to be a patient there. So, it was very important for me to be able to give back after returning to work, going back and volunteering there.”

Getting the right care and support to live healthy is priceless for all North Carolinians. So the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Foundation is proud to help North Carolina’s free clinics achieve quality of care that is as good as or better than that delivered by private physicians.

In fact, North Carolina is the only state where free clinics can consistently report on the quality of care delivered for their diabetic patients and those being treated for high blood pressure. The 79 member clinics of the NCAFC provided more than 200,000 patient visits in 2010, delivering $167.6 million in free care. BCBSNC Foundation has a 10-year partnership with the NCAFC, investing in the compassion and high-quality care of local free clinics where inspired volunteers make a difference in the lives of others.

“Wherever they needed me, I wanted to lend my services,” says Lamb.

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