• takeema_parson

    "To be a community sparkplug means you are passionate about touching lives and inspiring others."


    Tekeema Parson

    Virtual Workout Crew

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  • robert_doherty

    "I feel like I’ve made a difference in someone’s life."


    Rob Doherty, DDS

    Greene County Health Care

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  • carolyn_ward

    "I believe this program is going to change the world."


    Carolyn Ward

    Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

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  • richard_lord

    "I believe folks deserve to be able to access health care."


    Rich Lord, MD

    Southside United Health Center

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  • willona_stallings

    "We want people of faith and all North Carolinians to live healthy, long lives."


    Willona Stallings

    North Carolina Council of Churches

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  • charles_rhodes

    "The joy I get is being able to pass along my passion for family medicine."


    Charlie Rhodes, MD

    Cabarrus Family Medicine

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  • emily_jackson

    "We’re growing the next generation of children to care about local food."


    Emily Jackson

    Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project

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  • coleman_carter

    "You have to put the focus on the patient, which means you empower the patient."


    Coleman Carter, MD

    Charlotte Community Health Clinic

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  • joslyn_allen

    "We try to take care of our children because they are our children."


    Joslyn Allen

    Morven Elementary School

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